KEEP HIM HOOKED!! So today I needed to figure out an outfit to wear to impress a guy, an important one, and make his friends jealous.  I decided on an edgy look, denim and  leopard print. I do not have the picture of the dress but I have the picture of the shoes.

Blue Denim Washed dress

The dress kind of looks like one shown over there but of course mine is much hotter. The dress was my first extravagant purchase that I made with ( ahem..), my money from my first job. A very underpaid assistant demonstrator. I will wear my hair down… the hair I bought. I will wear them with my leopard print shoes, and they are a size smaller but I do not care, I am a hardcore shoe fan like that.

There is no reason to stop dressing up when you finally dress to catch a man. The aim is to make his friends covet you.  stay fabulous, happy fridayrobin 😉


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