Castor Oil: Black Hair regime

I follow Aphro Phro the hair consultant from Zimbabwe based in Melbourne. She also has a sensitive hairline like mine. To be honest I had to cut my hair from all the frustration of the hair breaking, six months later I am in a hair rut. Trying to not cut it again, I am so emotional with my hair.

So I saw her very long hair, although not the same texture decided I try out Castor Oil regime. I was like what the heck Imma do it.

Previously I used Aloe Vera gel, and it worked well. So here is what I decided to get at Nu Fife Avenue Pharmacy Harare Zimbabwe.

Aloe Vera Gel – Lemex – $3.00

Castor Oil – Lemex – $5.00

Coconut Oil – Lemex – $4.00

This was my cheap-ish hair regime with available Zimbabwean products. I start with the Moisturiser Aloe Gel, then I rub a little bit of Castor Oil on the tail of a comb and put two drops and massage well. Then I put my fingers in Coconut Oil, and rub on top this is the sealer. I must say my hair feels soft and the pain from hairline breakage is being soothed.

For Aphro phro’s full hair manual click —-> Castor Oil.

Love your hair!



2 thoughts on “Castor Oil: Black Hair regime

  1. I had similar problem
    I purchased castor oil, coconut
    oil and Amla. Over the past few months
    it really has worked wonders for my hair, even
    though my hair was reasonably healthy before I started
    to use the products but it has been great. Especially for my
    hair line which is still recovering from years of crazy styling and
    pulling back my hair when it was relaxed..x


    1. Yeah it is absolutely a good cheaper way of having healthy hair. My scalp was painful before. I do not have problems with a thinning hairline, my hair is 4C hair, but its the pain as it heals


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