Girly Reads: Featuring SOPHIE KINSELLA

So today I have been the pretty mellow fashionista. Today I spent the day reading a novel. I started reading novels when I came to Zimbabwe from South Africa. This is mainly by chance and I had spare time on my hands. I do not read novels very fast, they work as a good sleeping “pill”.

When I first fell in love with shopping it was because of the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. I fell in love with the character and her spending habits. Yes my role model is a fictional book character called Rebecca Bloomwood. She also worked in a financial magazine and then later a fashion magazine, in the fictional book by the way. This is where I got the idea of writing for a magazine. So when I saw Sophie Kinsella’s book, saying “Mini Shopaholic”, I knew I would love her chick-lit novel. The novels have wonderfully dressed characters and descriptions of fashionable people. If I could name my blog SHOPAHOLIC, I would.

Twenties Girl – by Sophie Kinsella

Today I finished my second novel “Twenties Girl” – Sophie Kinsella. This book was really wonderful. The highlight of the story is the ghost of the main character’s Great Aunt. Comedy and fashion in a book. I bought it in SPAR and is available¬†at Avondale Bookshop




2 thoughts on “Girly Reads: Featuring SOPHIE KINSELLA

  1. Great blog, I’ve been going through your posts and they are both informative and entertaining, great job. I loved twenties girl too, that was the first Sophie Kinsella book i read, she got me hooked. Love her writing style.


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