Do You Think It’s a Weave?

The issue with Black Hair always being asked about whether it is a weave or what type of weave it is, we are so obsessed with real vs. natural hair debates. I actually have come to the point where I have am the hair police on real vs weave, Indian Remy versus Malaysian versus Brazilian. 

Do You Think It’s a Weave?. – Vibe Vixen Written by Chelsey Wilkins

I was shopping with a friend of mine the other day and we spotted this black girl with hair all the way down her back. My friend and I both stopped and stared at her beautiful mane. Her hair was so striking. As the woman walked by, my friend and I discussed her hair. “Do you think it’s a weave?” We pondered the question. Curiosity killed us, so we circled the store to take another look.

Usually, my weave-radar is pretty good. In most cases, there is a blending issue or hair misplacement that gives it away. But in this case, I couldn’t tell if it was a weave or not. Honestly, it didn’t really matter to me. Her hair looked amazing, and all I wanted to know was what I had to do to my hair to get it to look like hers. I continued to peruse the store forgetting the long-haired woman, however, my friend had different sentiments.

As the woman walked out of our view, my friend rolled her eyes. My friend is known for her long natural hair, and has openly expressed her opinions on “good weaves.”

No matter what, a black girl with long hair has to be wearing a weave. Having long natural hair that is actually growing from your scalp doesn’t matter, because most people are going to think that it is a weave anyway. Now, I get the ‘Is that a weave?’ question, or worse, people just assume it is a weave. Me having my own long hair doesn’t matter, because now every black girl with some money can get a good weave.

As a weave wearer myself, I was immediately turned off by my friend’s speech. How selfish could she be? I returned her rant with a rant of my own.

If I want to achieve longer hairstyles with the swipe of my ATM card, I have every right to do so. Who cares if it’s growing from my scalp or not? Furthermore, if your only sense of validation is your naturally long hair, then something is wrong.

After going off, I took a moment to truly analyze the situation, trying to understand how a black woman walking by with long hair could spark such a heated conversation between two friends. To be honest, my friend’s statement was a viewpoint I had never heard before. I soon began to rethink my response to her opinion. Do black girls with long hair have the right to hate good weaves? Do they feel as if good weaves have put them in the “it’s a weave” category? Should being black and having long hair belong to an elite group? Better yet, why is it always assumed that a black girl with long hair is wearing a weave? Is it really that unusual for us to have long hair.




4 thoughts on “Do You Think It’s a Weave?

  1. Rather interesting post. I don’t really know what to say but I have noticed that
    people are not really accustomed to the idea of an African/ “Black” female having tha ability to grown long hair.

    Even my hair, in all its kinkiness and tight curls (obviously natural), people still have the nerve to ask “Oh my God, is that your hair?”. It amazes me that people still think we can not grow our own long natural hair. People have to let go of the stereotypes, ignorance and narrow mindedness. This is 2012.

    And on the subject of weave and natural hair, it really doesn’t matter. A person is at liberty to do whatever they want to, it’s wrong to look down on someone because they have paid £300+ on “fake hair”. And it is also wrong to look down on a person/believe you are superior because of the simple fact that you paid those absurd amounts of money to get that beautiful, Brazilian/Peruvian hair.

    The only thing that should actually matter is whether or not the persons hair looks good or not but then again, who are we to judge?..x

    (lovely post Tatenda)


    1. Thanks 🙂 I do think the hair issue is way too politicized.. some people are not blessed with good hair genes and lose their hairline… asking them to never have a weave.. not fair. But yeah its way too politicized and racialised


    1. I would, but its the issue with finding a hairstylist…who is affordable to handle my natural hair wash and blow dry, it will just cost me less to just get plaited soon after than try prove a point like I have the money for that


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