FAKE LASHES ERRORS: When good fashion sense stops making any sense

Like everything good in the world, done incorrectly can turn into an absolute disaster. This actually brings me back to the Weave debate, a lot of guys hate weaves. The reasons are mostly because they find they look fake; they look like a mop or  the colours are getting out of hand. Here is the thing though; there are exceptions of when the weave looks “nice”, guys accept it. The most important part of this debate is that the weaves need to look NICE.

Now the weave issue is one thing, but the male gender has not started a protest about fake lashes (yet). Soon enough guys will be able to tell what fake lashes look like and another debate will spring up pretty soon. False lashes though, like weaves are to enhance beauty, when done wrong can make you look so trashy.

Here are four common mistakes to AVOID when rocking the false lashes:

  1. Choosing lashes that do not look natural

No, No, NO! Please please I beg you. Unless you are dressing up as Nicki Minaj at a costume party, no need for the longest fullest set of fake eye lashes. You do not want to be looking like “MaRuby” from Generations (SABC1). Instead opt for natural looking lashes, and individual clumps than a track of lashes.

2. Applying the lashes the wrong way

Follow proper steps of applying lashes to avoid application errors that will have an off look:

              i.         Take the lashes out and do a test-run of how you want lashes to lie on upper lid close to your own. Make sure you trace from inner to outer lid for placement.

             ii.         After test run, make sure they completely fit, may need to cut based on eye shape.

            iii.         Apply eyeliner on upper lid where lashes will lay upon.

           iv.        Take the adhesive and gently squeeze small amount to run over the baseline of the lashes.

            v.        Blow on lashes for about 30 seconds.

           vi.        Apply lashes on upper lid as close as possible.

3. Falling lashes

Be sure to blow on the lash glue for 30 seconds to make sure the lash stays in place.

4. Applying a lot of mascara on the lashes

Adding loads of mascara on top of the lashes cause clumping and makes the eyelashes appear too unnatural.

And now you are equipped to not look like a lady of the night from the Red light district when you have false lashes on. Make the lashes widen up your eyes and not age you.


Yours sincerely in fashion

Miss Robin (The Concrete Jungle Fashionista – www.facebook.com/RobynChaibvaFashion )

Source: www.cocoandcreme.com


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