African Hair: Winter Hairstyles

So I thought I should change my hair to suit the new weather we are facing. This is a hairstyle that will protect my own hair and keep me looking fabulous. Here Is what I am thinking of.

I like the cornrows in a Bun hairstyle. Be sure to use YAKI BRAID, I suggest EBONY brand to get this hairstyle. Make sure the plaiter does not pull the hair on the edges too tight. It will be a terrible hairstyle option for those with weak hairline edges.

I also like Afro Kinky Braids hairstyle. They can be plaited into twists that look very Afro-American chic. The braids are available in different Brands like NOBLE, ANGELS and other high end brands.

I also appreciate a good old Weave hairstyle. This is a nice way to look as glamorous with hair that you bought. The key is to make sure the cornrows are done well. Do insist to get them done with braid versus string and that the lines are neat and plaited well. Hair can break when mismanaged under a weave. Also oil it and wash it if you can.

I do like Micro Braids. When done well can look fabulous. The key is to make sure they are not too small. The way they can be styled is more versatile than other hairstyles. You can have highlights in  them and even choose a curled weave to get plaited braids


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