Facially clean :)

miss robin face

Everyone has a skin type and let me just say not even people with the same skin type have the same kind of skin. Each person has a different way they react to products and its about the perfect formula by sheer trial and error.

I know some people who use Dove soap, some who just use anything and have flawless skin. I know other people with bins full of failed high end brands.

Tip for getting it right, is using the soap and moisturiser right. Please do keep using for at least two months to judge. Also massage when washing and moisturising with the products. Another thing is to check for the results by being really observant of your skin texture, rashes, scars after a month or so.

I find Tea tree cream works for overnight pimples. Aloe Vera gel works as a co-moisturizer as it is light and prevents pimpling, with Black Opal fade cream SPF15 for the day. At night its Aloe Vera gel and the Black Opal fade gel for spots. I use the fade range for its SPF and correcting bad habits that cause spots. I also wash my face with the 3 in 1 Garnier Pure scrub/mask/facewash as I found it reduces my pimples and works.

So find what works for your skin and really observe for trends. Also seek professional advice on how to solve an issue with your face.




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