WINTER HAIR SECTION: full head weaves

People of African descent need to protect our hair in times like winter. So here I decided on a section for winter friendly hairstyles for African hair.

My first winter fashion hairstyle would mostly be braids, but for time’s sake I opted for a full head weave. However you have to realise that it can either be ugly or done very nicely.

Rihanna red weave
Rihanna red weave on Cosmo cover

FIRST!: Make sure the lines below the weave, the cornrows, are neatly done. Because it is going to be covered does not mean that loose badly done cornrows are acceptable by any means as this can break your hair. Make sure your hairline is not braided and sewn too tight.

So do get a weave sewn on nicely and oil the hair underneath. Easiest way is by praying the hairspray into the cornrows or using hair oil with a nozzle to apply your hair product. Here are some hair suggestions.

The weave collection
Rihanna in brunette weaves

7 thoughts on “WINTER HAIR SECTION: full head weaves

      1. See, I asked my hair dresses if I should oil my hair/tracks and he said “no way”. I was taken a back when he said that cause I have dry hair. Ill take your advice and oil it, I dont see the harm….right?


      2. Yeah I think its important to put oil and moisturizer on your REAL hair so its soft. Some people even dry-shampoo their hair under the weave. I found my hair used to break a lot from not oiling and moisturizing it.


  1. Hi, I took my weave out because of the hair getting dry, even though I was using the nozzle it’s not as effective as applying oil/moisturiser directly to your scalp and hair.

    I bought some Marley Braid hair, I was looking at videos on youtube and they look fabulous (I am natural and they are the closest thing to natural hair). I hattee braids and sitting down for too long so Marley Braids are a great alternative as they take approximately 2 hrs which is great compared to the 6+ hr sit for braids..x


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