Fading marks on your face

I find that people of African descent scar much worse because of the nature of our skin. However one thing that is a major risk is falling into the hazards of skin lightening.

I do not mean to judge anyone who does so but inform people of the risk that entails using skin bleaching products.

1. It is usually a banned product that has negative effects on your skin.

2. It will damage your facial skin possibly making you look older.

3. There are better more natural and healthier ways to remove dark marks on your face.

The dangerous component in lightening products is HYDROQUINONE. Even on the prescription amount cannot be used for longer than six months.

– Lemon Juice remedies on the internet
– Clinique Range has a skin repair range
– Black Opal Fade Range
– Pond’s Institute Flawless Radiance

so take care of your skin for long term care.




2 thoughts on “Fading marks on your face

  1. PCA Skin has a pigment bar that works great on darker Fitzpatrick types 🙂 It is not a bleaching agent, it uses Kojic acid and fades those acne scars and other blemishes while evening out your natural color. It also resurfaces the entire face so the texture is more supple. It is fairly inexpensive considering it lasts at least 6 months. I have been using mine for over a year and I still have some left.


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