Lipstick Guide

lipstick guide

Not every shade of lipstick is appropriate for certain crowds/events/scenarios. Just like clothes, people can judge you by the colour of your lipstick.

It’s important for every girl to wear the appropriate lipstick for different occasions. At the same time when we do not want to look too plain, lipstick can make you look tacky when you wear the wrong shade for a type of an occasion. Here is a guideline on getting it right.

For a Job Interview berry shades will be an option and for an important meeting wine shades are definitely corporate appropriate colours.

For meeting your partner’s parents and the grocery store visit peachy nude for a natural looking lip would be appropriate for a mellow look

For a night out glossy red shades will definitely make you stand out in the dim party lighting.

For a dinner party and wedding event pretty pink shades will make you look glamorous and chic. Now you will never have to wonder what lipstick to wear when and where.


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